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Valentine's Day: Give a gift of free time

Valentine's Day Gift Certificate

Awe, you've found the perfect gift to give to that special person in your life! The gift of free time. Imagine the "awe" when they first open their gift and then again after we clean the home. The Front Door will open, and the clean fresh smell will bring another "awe" moment into their life. Now you will have time to enjoy each other's company, or even throw a party and neither will wonder, "who's going to clean the house, again."

Contact our office at 586-329-5587 to purchase your gift card today. You will receive a nicely wrapped box with your gift certificate enclosed. Choose a value of $100, $150 or $200. If you need help deciding which value works best for you, just call or text so we can help you give the right gift of "awe" to your special valentine.

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